Espresso from the Nespresso {The most used appliance in my kitchen}

Espresso from the Nespresso {The most used appliance in my kitchen}

I am guilty of loving my lattes. It’s true. However, all those lattes and macchiatos add up, and I’d rather have coconut milk anyways (c’mon Starbucks, get with the program).

A few years ago, I bought a Nespresso machine and it’s been my most used kitchen appliance ever since. If you are an espresso lover, then this is for you. It’s an espresso machine, but you don’t to deal with messy grounds, because you buy little pods for it (think Keurig).


nespresso pods

All you do is pop one of the pods in the machine and it creates a delicious shot of espresso. The pods can be purchased online or at any Nespresso store. There are many different flavors and levels of boldness.

Some of the machines will heat up and froth your milk for you, while others will just produce espresso. I always drink iced drinks, so I never use the heating element. If you are like me, then opt for the smaller machine to save on counter space.

I bought my Nespresso at Williams Sonoma. They will show you how they work, sample the espresso, and help you make the best choice. The different models range in price from $179 – $560.

Go ahead and get buzzed.



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