Oxygen Lift Facial = Amazing.

Oxygen Lift Facial = Amazing.

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I’ve expressed my adoration for Complexions on Carter many times – it’s no secret, I love Maggie Miley’s facial bliss. She’s at it again – offering an amazing special that’s hard to refuse.

The Oxygen Lift facial + shaping for only $99 (add microdermabrasion for $32)!

I was able to sneak this facial in May before it launched this month. Lucky me! The O2 Lift is a new treatment from Image Skincare. The treatment is gentle enough for all skin types and leaves your skin glowing for any special event you may have coming up. Or, make it a transition treatment from spring to summer (I promise summer will arrive).

During this amazing facial, Maggie handed me a mirror after applying the treatment. I watched as the creamy white mask reacted with the air, and slowly disappeared from my face. A slight tingling sensation let me know it was working, and soon the entire treatment had dissipated. Magic.

My face was soft, smooth, glowing, perfect.

June special coc

You can reserve your blissful appointment online. Trust me, you will be happy you did.



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