Cut the Junk Challenge!

Cut the Junk Challenge!

May ChallengeI’m a sugaraholic. Really. I really love chocolate, which then makes me crave more crap. My diet could use a little revamp. Don’t get me wrong, I eat a lot of healthy, nutrient-dense food, but I also like to have something sweet —- after.every.meal. I’m not joking.

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to a month of clean eating. No sugar. No chips. No processed shit. Wine? I’ll limit that to one glass a week.

I know I have a few of you on board with me – so let’s kick the crap, the cravings, and the muffin tops.

What is clean eating? Eating food that is unprocessed without all the nasty chemicals added. If it comes out of a box, it’s processed. The shorter the ingredient list, the better.

  • Avoid processed and refined foods – sugar, white flour, bread, and pasta. Instead, eat complex carbs like whole grains (they will keep you full longer anyway)
  • Stay away from  anything high in saturated and trans fats, anything fried or anything high in sugar. So, French fries are out!
  • If you eat meat, try to consume only locally sourced and humanely raised meats. I don’t do meat, so I’m good here.
  • Organic is usually best – if you can make that happen. Here’s a list of the must-buy organics.

Tip : Shop the perimeter of the store. This is where you will find the fresh produce, meat, dairy and seafood. The center of the store is where you find the chemical shit storm.

Are we good? Are we on board? If you need help with recipes and what to eat, some great sources are found here:

This isn’t a detox or a diet – it’s just to get us me back on track and be mindful of what I’m putting in my mouth.

For extra credit – make sure you get out and sweat most days of the week. I really try to workout everyday and take a rest or easy yoga day once a week. But, I truly enjoy moving my body and getting my workout on. I know not everyone does, but just get out and move a little. Something is better than nothing!

Post your food, workouts and any motivational tips on my Facebook Page.

Let’s do this.






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  • Jeanna_Simonson on May 1, 2013

    Yeah…the wine part might need to be extended…….

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