A trip to YogaFresh (Woodbury)

A trip to YogaFresh (Woodbury)

yoga fresh logoI had the pleasure of visting YogaFresh for a barre class this morning.

Before scheduling my class, I asked the gals at YogaFresh which class is a “must-try”. They told me to come to their barre. Well, I love barre and people are always asking me who has the best barre classes – so, I had to go.

What is Barre? Every studio is a little different. YogaFresh describes their barre as a unique and high-energy/no-impact class that will burn away fat to create a lean, toned and more flexible body. They combine elements of yoga, pilates, a ballet barre and light free weights to isometrically sculpt the entire body with a focus on toning the butt, legs, torso and arms while also conditioning the heart. Their barre class is suitable for ALL LEVELS to attend and is also gentle on your joints. Barre class is practiced in a slightly heated room (80 degrees) and some yoga experience is recommended. (They also offer advanced barre classes)

First of all, I loved the studio’s decor – especially the Buddha fountain. I was welcomed by Anne, who would also be the instructor. She had a warm and welcoming energy, I immediately knew it would be a good class.

I laid my mat down and noticed that all of the students coming for class seemed to know each other or they were just super friendly. It felt “family-like”. I liked it.

barre at YF

The class was great. I loved that Anne not only gave modifications for those that were new, but she gave challenging modifcations for the advanced barre addicts (like me). She made everyone feel comfortable. She cracked jokes, called me out when I was “cheating” on the ab series, corrected form and had a great time with the rest of us.

If you are still feeling apprehensive about trying a barre class or if you are interested in mastering your form – they are hosting an “Intro to Barre” workshop on January 6th from 1:15-3:15. The workshop will break down the components of a barre class and help you refine your technique. So, if you have been on the fence but afraid to try it – check out the workshop. It’s just $25.

Did I mention that they were voted Best Yoga in Woodbury? I can see why with a great selection of classes to choose from. Guess I will have to drop in for a yoga class sometime.

Oh, and your first week is FREE! No excuses.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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