The perfect arch.

The perfect arch.

Dear eyebrows,

I know our relationship has been a little rocky for the past 32 years, but I have finally found help for us. We will get through this.

My eyebrows have been recovering from a terrible tweeze job….15 years ago. Thin was in, and I took it very seriously. My brows are on the mend after a very long search for the perfect brow expert. I dedicated 2012 to finding the best of the best brow artist. I promised myself that I would visit a minimum of six estheticians before making a solid decision. I chose six because my eyebrows grow slowly and I wanted to give them a chance to grow out as much as possible in between visits.

I did my research and took recommendations – My search began in January. After my second brow wax, I was convinced my research was finished, but remembered the promise I made to myself that I needed six. I completed the search in July – and yes, I found the most talented, savvy, and gifted “browtician”. Her name is Jennifer and she is at Extrados Spa & Salon. (Jennifer was my visit number two during my search) I have never received so many compliments on my eyes and eyebrows before. She really is an expert. When you sit in her chair she will ask you what you like, what you don’t like, and what you are trying to accomplish with your brows. She analyzes your facial features and will create that perfect arch for you.

You may have heard of Extrados before – they are known for their brow expertise. They also provide other services – hair, makeup, facials, lash extensions and more. The cozy little spa is nestled in the Linden Hills neighorhood in Minneapolis. Who doesn’t enjoy that area? Linden Hills is the home of Lake Harriet and Sebastion Joe’s ice cream – mmmmmmmmmmm.



I have not achieved perfection just yet, but I am on my way. I am still working on filling in some of the sparse areas so I can get that perfect arch.

 Now I realize there are a ton of spas, salons, walk in strip mall shops that all provide waxing services, but it really is tough to find the best. Don’t forget how important a manicured eyebrow is. Not only manicured, but created especially for you. The eyebrow, when perfected, is the frame of your face and will bring out your eyes and features. So, next time you are going to get your brows done, think about going to an expert. Try Extrados.

What a gorgeous weekend we are having! I hope you are enjoying it!





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