Rest? Sure….

Rest? Sure….

So, the last couple days I haven’t been feeling 100%. I’m not sick, but just achy and need a little TLC. Better now than when I am on vacay in a few days. I really want to rest, but I just can’t.

Here’s what I do when I should be resting….

Take hot showers with my favorite Molton Brown shower gel ($30).

Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Therapy

Treat my face to one of my favorite IMAGE masks for troubled skin – and by troubled, I mean bouts of acne. IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Medicated Acne Mask ($26)

Get my glow on with a self tanner. Fake Bake Self-Tanner ($25).

Fake Bake Flawless Self-tanning Liquid with Mitt

Put up new buys off Etsy. Keep Calm and Drink Wine ($15).

Buy Pillows and Rugs at Target.

Watch Modern Family and paint nails. OPI Lincoln Park after Dark & Hollywood Blonde ($8 each).

I also “crafted” – I transformed a mirror into a chalkboard, but it turned out so hideous that I can’t possibly post a photo.

Tonight I plan on sleeping VERY good and hitting it hard tomorrow. I see running, and barre or yoga in my future!







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