Crank it up – your workout that is…

Crank it up – your workout that is…

You have probably heard of HIIT  (High Intensity Interval Training), or some call it Metabolic Training. HIIT is a workout that alternates between very intense bursts of activity with periods of rest or active recovery.

Examples of this workout would be – 30 second all out sprint followed by a 60-90 second walk or rest – continue for 20 minutes. Or, 15 burpees followed by a walking lunge with medicine ball twist then 30 seconds high-knee jog followed by 15 squats with overhead press – continue similar exercises in same sequence for 20 minutes. Always make sure to warm up for five minutes before starting the workout.

What’s great about this training is that it really only needs to be about 30 minutes including warm up and cool down. And, because of the intensity of the workout, you burn some major calories and it puts your body into repair mode, so the next 24 hours is fat burning time – similar to recovering from a heavy weight training. The best part about HIIT is that you really don’t need any equipment, so you can take it anywhere. If you are busy, travel a lot, or don’t have a gym membership – you can do this.

A typical week for me includes at least one HIIT workout (usually using a treadmill). No more than two of these workouts a week are recommended. If you are doing true HIIT, then your body needs that recovery time in between workouts where you can do a barre class, running, cycling, yoga, or any other low intensity workout.

Tonight, I took my HIIT workout to Lifetime Fitness in Eden Prairie and worked with Rosz, one of their personal trainers. We had 30 minutes and it flew by. He put together a circuit that included 5 stations. We alternated one intense station with one active recovery station. The intense stations brought my heart rate to zone 4 (anaerobic) and the active recovery stations were zone 2 (fat burning).  I felt awesome afterward – energized! (Energized enough to head to a hot yoga class)

Like I said, you can do this workout on your own, at the gym, or at home. I always like to work out with a trainer for the first time or even once a month just to get new workout plans to play with. The trainer helps to motivate and push you to your limit and they take the work out of making up your own routine. I found Rosz to be welcoming, super motivating and fun. I would definitely work out with him again.

NOW is always the time to try something new and if you haven’t tried this workout before – get on it.

Here is a great workout video of a HIIT workout courtesy of Bex Life. No equipment needed!

Enjoy – and go get your sweat on!



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