The one workout that never gets old.

The one workout that never gets old.

Spinning.Group Cycle. RealRyder  – These are a few of my favorite things….

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I have been sweating it out at cycle classes for 11 years now. Yes, 11 years – and I still love it.

Tonight I went to Lifetime for what has become my Tuesday night ass-kicking group cycle class. I brought my girlfriend, (it was her very first cycle class) who willingly and excitedly accepted the invite. Typically when I invite a newbie to class I get, “no way am I going to spin”. I think a lot of people have heard horror stories about it being complete torture. This is not true. It’s only as hard as you make it. Really. I am not saying it can’t be torture – you certainly can push yourself into a self-induced vomit session – but, you don’t have to go that far. You have control of your tension, you don’t have to follow along with everything the class is doing. Heck, you can sit and pedal if you really want.

So, for the newbies – Group cycle is a class that is spent on stationary bikes, led by a motivating instructor with upbeat music (hopefully), and is usually 45-60 minutes long. Each bike has a tension control which you will adjust throughout class for hill climbs, flat roads, jumps, and sprints. Some instructors give you a full body workout and include pushups, tricep dips and other challenging upper body movements. For your first time, I do recommend going a few minutes early so that the instructor can get you set up correctly on the bike.

If you have been debating going or are on the fence – GO! Get your ass to that class.

Note: Your booty will be sore for a few days after class. That seat is anything but comfortable, but you get used to it – I promise.

Where to get your cycle on:

Any big box gym (Lifetime Fitness, YMCA, LA Fitness) – I am a member at Lifetime, so that’s my pick.

Cycle Quest in Eden Prairie

The Firm in Minneapolis

The Shed Fitness Studio in Minneapolis

CorePower Highland Park

CorePower Uptown

Pedal Wild in Mound

So many places, so little excuses. If you are a newbie, please let me know how your first class goes.

Tomorrow is a workout at STEELE Fitness and a trip to the Galleria to pick up a few goodies. Thursday is my blowout at The WOW Bar and a workout at Discover Strength. I am squeezing it all in before I leave Thursday night for Seattle.




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