Shakin’ it up.

Shakin’ it up.

First off, I find great fulfillment in knowing that I can be inspirational and motivating. A friend of mine just wrote me a note thanking me for motivating him to work out. He is down over thirty pounds in just a few months. Eek  – makes me so happy. I often hear from people that reading my blog and facebook inspires them to sweat a little more.  Grin! 

So, I received my results of my fitness assessment. Like I mentioned before, I have some room for improvement in building my cardio base. My protocol is committing to six days of workouts per week – fine, that’s where I am now. I just need to change up my routine to shock my body. What I will be doing is 2-3 hard days (at AT or above) and 3-4 easy days (at AT and below). My yoga classes won’t count toward my workouts, but I will consider them icing on the cake.  AT (anaerobic threshold) is the heart rate at which your body burns only sugar for energy.  To burn fat for energy your body has to have oxygen present (aerobic). The good part of my assessment was my recovery test. I was able to recover from my max heart rate back to mid zone 2 within 30 seconds, which is awesome. I am so excited for this new training program. I have been hard at it for only 4 days, but I seriously already feel better. If you are thinking about shaking up your workout, go get an assessment and take a couple classes a week at Tiger Athletics. Your body will thank you.

I was able to get in a two hour sweatfest at Lifetime tonight – one hour on the arc trainer and one hour spin class. I feel awesome. After, I quick ran to Sephora to pick up my newest favorite product – Boscia Beauty Balm. It is a facial spf, moisturizer, primer and foundation all in one. LOVE it. When I got home, we went for a walk (my pups and I). Since I am a creature of habit, I seriously eat the same thing when my husband is gone – Morning Star spicy blackbean burger, so that was dinner. I can make it fast and it tastes good. Win/Win. And, I am absolutely addicted to carbonation with my dinner and soda doesn’t cut it anymore. I have discovered the best flavored water – Le Croix orange – delish.

This is not a paid advertisement – but you should probably buy this.

Seriously – The best flavored water ever.

Alright, time to settle in for the evening. I am on a waiting list for a sewing class for tomorrow – more on this if I get in. Don’t judge until you see what I have up my sleeve. Thursday is hair beautifying day! Friday is mani/pedi/dinner with my bff. The week is all planned out.

Happy Tuesday!






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