Warrior Dash – Check.

Warrior Dash – Check.

The Fierce Five!

It was hot, sweaty, muddy, extreme and packed full of HILLS. It was the Warrior Dash. This is the second year that I have taken part in this hellish run, and it was super fun. Basically, it’s a 5k run that takes place at Afton Alps (hillllls) that includes 12 obstacles you must conquer. Some of the obstacles this year were, sliding down a mudslide, a barricade crawl, a  cargo climb, a wall from hell that you climbed up and over, hurdling over fire and a mud pit crawl to the end. I wouldn’t say any of these were over-challenging; it was the heat and the hills. It was 92 degrees and the humidity was insane. We all finished with smiles on our faces! Thank you to my sisters -Jen and Joni, my hubs – Chaddy and my friend Jeannie for tackling this run with me. SO FUN!

Yes, I did wear Lululemon. Yes, I did make pink sequin headbands.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I am thinking I may need a restorative yoga class should be on the agenda. I am feeling a little stiff from the run today. I definitely need to get into Discover Strength for a good old-fashioned butt-kickin’. Wednesday brings the Fourth of July! Paddleboarding and ice cream at Tonka Trolley, food and cocktails at Maynard’s and some fireworks are in the plans. Oooohh…family photos (Chad, the dogs and I) are scheduled for Thursday night. I hope everyone will be on their best behavior. If you need a good pet photographer, Modern Life is awesome! Saturday I get to try out Blowdry! finally! It will be an action packed week! Can’t wait!


Have a great week!




  • JJ on July 2, 2012

    You guys are the best!! Had a great time! Hope you and your family have a happy & safe 4th! XOXO

    JJ & Shamrock

  • Jeanna_Simonson on July 2, 2012

    I had SO much fun!! Thanks for joining us 🙂

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