TGIAF (Thank God It’s Almost Friday)

TGIAF (Thank God It’s Almost Friday)

Finally, I relax. My legs haven’t stopped shaking since leaving TigerBarre a few hours ago.

This week has been n.o.n.s.t.o.p.  I am more than thrilled that tomorrow is Friday. Although, I am not the least bit prepared for what tomorrow has in store for me. I was asked to be part of an informational video for Modern Life Photo. Basically, she (Amber) will shoot photos of my family (dogs and hubs) all while the whole thing is videotaped. The video will show potential clients what it’s like to experience a photo shoot with her. I have worked with Amber quite a few times, she is my most adored photographer. So, it all sounds great, except I still haven’t decided what to wear. Yes, I am a super procrastinator. I might have to hit up the mall after a few hours of work in the morning. Eek. I am sure it’s the same for everyone – when you need to find something asap, it’s near impossible. Wish me luck.

This week I started journaling my food – consistently. It’s always a wake up call when you haven’t done it in a while. This is sort of how my journal looked:  watermelon, chocolate, coffee, chocolate, mojito, cracker… The good thing is when you journal, it gives you an awareness that was most likely needed. I really like my fitness pal to track my food and workouts. I haven’t come across a food that they don’t have in their system. You can also download the app for your phone – no excuses not to journal. Another change I have made this week is adding an additional barre class to my week. This will replace a heavy weightlifting day (I am doing a little experiment). Along with the two barre classes, I will do a bootcamp type class, extra cardio and as always hot, sweaty yoga. I am preparing for a vacation that will sneak up on me. The plan is to commit to this for six weeks and see if I have had any change, then evaluate. I am up for the challenge!

Random thought – I have been using Latisse for a couple years and am thinking about giving in to my desire for mink lash extensions. If you have or have had them, let me know your thoughts. I want it all; good and/or bad.


Oh, and you can now find me on Pinterest. So, go ahead; follow all my wants, desires, loves, faves, and drools – a.k.a. pins.

Have an absolutely fabulous Friday!



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