Sweet summer Saturday.

Sweet summer Saturday.

I started off my Saturday with a little butt-kickin’ at Discover Strength. It was tougher than usual because my body was still screaming from TigerBarre at Tiger Athletics on Thursday. But, I pushed through it and survived. I will be changing up my workout schedule a bit starting tomorrow. It’s good to switch it up and keep your muscles guessing.

After my workout my husband and I headed up to Rogers to a dog boarding facility to visit a dog that is in need of foster and/or forever home. We wanted to get the Prim (such a sweet name) out of her kennel and out for a walk. Dogs can get a little nutty if they are kenneled all day; it’s just not healthy. She was super loveable and loved belly rubs. I am happy to be able to volunteer to help rescue dogs. Both of my pups are rescue and I couldn’t ask for better dogs.

Prim, sweet Prim.

Doggy playtime ended and it was time for drinkies on the patio, so we paid Maynard’s a visit. We soaked up some sun while sipping mojitos. Yum. I love Maynard’s atmosphere. They have a large outdoor seating area and it’s completely laid back – perfect for a Saturday afternoon,

I think tomorrow will be a pool day. It’s supposed to be hot and humid, so why not.?. Before pool time, I will get some cardio in. The question is; realryder or HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the treadmill? I may even try to sneak in some yoga at CorePower in the evening.

My husband just got back from a fishing trip in Alaska, so I am hoping for some fresh grilled halibut tacos tomorrow eve. If anyone has a good recipe, please let me know.

I love summer weekends. Rain, shine, hot or humid – I don’t care, it’s summer.

Happy weekend!



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