Day trip to Red Wing

Day trip to Red Wing

I was up at the crack of dawn to get my workout on at Tiger Athletics. They offer this amazing class that is 45 minutes of barre followed by 30 minutes of yoga. Totally amazing class. It’s the perfect balance of shaking, burning, and stretching.

After my sweat session, it was time to shower and get on the road for vino, pizza and chocolate day. Off to Redwing I went with my husband, sister, sister’s boyfriend and sister in-law. Red Wing is the home of Falconer Vineyards and Winery. I definitely recommend gathering some friends and heading down there. Start off with a wine tasting of 8 different wines, then relax on their expansive patio and order up some pizza and a bottle of vino. Their woodfire pizza is delish. I loooove the smoked salmon and the veggie, while my husband enjoyed the loaded baked potato pizza. We had a great time just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.

What to do after the winery?? Uhm, head to Red Wing Confectionery for some chocolate. That is just what we did. If you know me, you know I am a choco junkie. Give me anything dipped in chocolate, and I will be your best friend. If you aren’t into chocolate then grab gummy bears, licorice, salt water taffy, a latte and/or a shake. You can’t go wrong in this little shop of treats.

Taffy, malt balls, sea salt caramels, chocolate covered potato chips, latte – pretty sure we have our sugar covered for the day….err, week.

Downtown has a handful of adorable, locally owned shops for those wanting to spend a little money. I didn’t drift too far after the chocolate binge, mostly because I was uncomfortably stuffed with enough carbs for a village.

Tomorrow is me against the treadmill, pool time and hot yoga bliss at CorePower. I  ♥ weekends.

Enjoy the rest of the beautiful weekend!




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