Comfort for the tatas – this one is for the ladies.

Comfort for the tatas – this one is for the ladies.

I have been doing some serious research on sports bras. Some of us ladies are little more voluptuous than others and we want to keep “the girls” comfortable. We also prefer to still look like a woman while we are sporting our workout gear.

Gone are the days of wearing the double sports bras. After collaborating with some of my friends, we have found a collection of bras that will keep you tamed and comfortable….without feeling like you are putting on your armour.

While doing my research, I found this fantastic site called Bounce. Bounce is the child company of Title Nine. The company is 100% owned and operated by women. They test all of their bras based on fashion, function and comfort. I have a feeling they know what they’re doing. They have bras for EVERY occasion, including sports. The one bra that I felt I needed to have was the Super Laced Sports Bra by Moving Comfort. (Moving Comfort was voted a favorite by one of my friends). This bra looks girly, comfortable, can be worn all day, and is supportive -sounds good to me!

Other favorites picked by Fiercely Fetching Friends:

The Under Armour Endure Bra – This bra is made specifically for high-impact activity. It limits motion, has padded straps for comfort and is moisture-wicking for the ultimate workouts.

Bali Active Sports Racerback – This bra is designed for moderate activity with comfort in mind. Bali does a great job of keeping the womanly shape. This is a bra that you could comfortably wear all day.

Moving Motion Juno Sports Bra – This one is ideal for large breasted women that are into running, kickboxing, or anything that needs superior support.

My personal favorite is the Ta Ta Tamer from Lululemon. I wear it to yoga, running, high-impact conditioning classes, and just around the house. It’s a full support bra that is comfy and doesn’t “smoosh” the girls.

If one of these bras doesn’t pique your interest, then definitely check out Bounce. They seriously have it all.

Keep the tatas happy!



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