And, another summer weekend passes us by.

And, another summer weekend passes us by.

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday evening. I feel like it was Friday, then I blinked and it was Sunday.

This weekend was extremely chill for a summer weekend. Friday evening my hubs and I went to a party in honor of the Olympic opening ceremony. I felt like it was slow moving, but it was worth it to see the torch lighting and fireworks. I am not a huge Olympic junkie, but I certainly don’t mind watching Ryan Lochte (except for that grill he likes to show off). I did watch the women bikers this morning – they were amazing pushing through the race in the downpour.

Yesterday was the perfect day. I got up and went to the club for an “easy” fat burning workout then I was poolside for a couple hours. After, I went home showered, and headed to a flowy, hot vinyasa class at CorePower. My husband and I met some of my siblings for dinner at Lola’s Lakehouse. I have mentioned it before, but I really like Lola’s. Their patio is lakeside, their mojitos are tasty and their mahi mahi fish tacos are d-e-l-i-s-h.

I slept in today – my body was happy. I watched some Olympics, went to a total condtioning class and then it was birthday party time. My nephew turns 7 this week, so we celebrated his special day today. I might have had a little bit of cake and it might of been super yum.

As I write this, my husband is outside grilling us some halibut and veggies. Mmmm. This concludes my super laid back weekend. This week is packed full of workouts, a much needed hair appointment with my sweet Lili girls, and Friday I will start my weekend with a girlfriend mani/pedi and dinner. It will be a great week!

I hope you had an awesome weekend and got some good sweating in!

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