What a gorgeous week this has been!

What a gorgeous week this has been!

What a gorgeous week this has been!

I was a little bummed that the Bend it at Brits yoga event (sponsored by Lululemon) was canceled due to a little rain. Oh well, I will make it to the July 18th event. Of course, I made my rounds to Lifetime Fitness and CorePower. If you like a super hot and flowy vinyasa, you need to try Amanda’s class at Eden Prairie on Monday nights at 6pm. It’s detoxifyingly great. I had my first barre class at the new TigerFit studio last night – holy amazing class. It’s heated to 80 degrees, so it’s not super hot, but you do get your sweat on. I am convinced that any class you take at Tiger is going to be a good one. And, since the evening was so beautiful last night, I had to complete it with a glass of wine on my deck. I am digging on some Minnesota wines lately. I like a lighter white wine and enjoy the Seyval blend from St. Croix Vineyards in Stillwater. It’s a perfect ending to an amazing day.

BlowDry! Blowdry Bar opened last week in uptown and I have yet to get there. I did have an appointment booked for today, but ended up canceling it due to timing issues. Next week will have to work. They are offering all sorts of blowout styles; the blowdry, the boho, the bombshell, the brilliant, the boudouir…and the list continues. It’s only $35 for the 60 minute service. If you grab a girlfriend and book together it’s $60 for the two of you. Sounds like the perfect girls day out. www.blowdryblowdry.com

Well, tomorrow I am heading to Dallas to see Coldplay. It will be 102 degrees in the sunshine. I see really yummy food and really yummy sangria in my future. I will keep my facebook and twitter updated with my funness that is about to happen.


Have a happy weekend!


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