Sunday, perfect Sunday.

Sunday, perfect Sunday.

Sunday, perfect Sunday.

I love waking up and knowing that I have absolutely nothing to do. The day is mine. Sunday was that day. I got the dogs out early for a walk before it got too warm and humid. The pool was calling my name, but I had to earn my pool time. Run? Fine. Just a few miles is all I needed before I gave myself the lounge chair and sun. Let me tell you, this was going to be tough. My legs were so completely sore from the most amazing workout at Discover Strength on Saturday. I needed to flush some of that lactic acid out, so the run was a good thing. Discover Strength knows how to bring it. Every single time I feel that sense of soreness that is oh so good. I made it through the run and was able to soak up the sun for a couple hours before the rain came.
Sundays are also grocery shopping day. Typically, I crank the music, put on my pink apron and spend a couple hours in the kitchen slicing and dicing my fruits and veggies for the week. This week is roasted vegetables, watermelon and greek salad (and maybe a little happy hour along the way).

This wasn’t my average Sunday. I like to go to realryder class (spin class on steroids) in the morning and hot yoga in the afternoon, but I changed it up and went to a yoga/meditation class in the evening. Wow. Amazing. I actually thought I was going to a hot yoga flow, but the instructor informed me it was a guided meditation with restorative yoga. Just what I needed. It was truly a blissful class. The class is heated, with candlelight and low spa-like music. Starting out on your back, eyes closed, Kim (the instructor) starts guiding you into a deep relaxation. My body became completely relaxed. I felt as if I were floating on a cloud. My mind/soul was elsewhere. When it was time to reawaken the body, it took all my energy to lift my arms, legs, and head. You have to go to this class to appreciate what it can do for you. I have never felt so calmed, at peace, blissed. Everyone deserves this 75 minutes just to yourself. You can find this class at CorePower Yoga in Minnetonka every Sunday evening at 7pm. You will love Kim, her voice and energy will calm you when you walk through the door.

What a perfect day to begin the week!



  • kim bosanko on June 22, 2012

    I am so glad you had such a wonderful experience. Meditation is truly yoga of the mind. It awakens the spirit and reminds us that we are the spirit not the body. Thank you for your thoughts and sharing your feelings about class. Have a wonderful day dear friend!

  • Jeanna_Simonson on June 22, 2012

    Thank you, Kim! I will be back and will tell many people about it 🙂 You are so sweet!

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