From Summer to Fall – it’s Time to Exfoliate & Hydrate

Okay, seriously, can you believe it’s Labor Day? Every year summer slips away faster and faster. But, who doesn’t love the fall in Minnesota? It probably is the most spectacular season of the year. The mornings are crisp, the leaves turn a beautiful array of colors and it’s time for boots and sweaters. I love […]

Don’t Miss The Brews + Brands Event

Get ready for a fun-filled evening with some of best creatives and brands in the Twin Cities. When: August 11th from 4-8pm. Where: Town Hall Brewery, 1430 South Washington Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55454 What:  construction2style, Paisley + Sparrow & other amazing MN creatives have collaborated for the first ever Brews & Brands event at Town Hall Brewery in […]

Fun Minneapolis Blogger Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to get together with some fab bloggers for some photoshoot fun. My girlfriend Morgan from Construction 2 Style messaged me and asked if I could meet up with a bunch of ladies that evening to take some pics. I’m so glad it worked out because I met some […]

Dry Skin? You Need This Hydrating Facial Mask.

My skin is so confused right now. It’s warm, no it’s hot, wait it’s cold….. This happens every year when the seasons start to change and our skin doesn’t like it one bit. One day your face needs to be blotted all day long, the next day your face is cracking and peeling. Argh. Minnesota – you’re […]

A Hair Dry Shampoo Powder for Everyone!

I’ve tried a million dry shampoos. Okay, maybe not a million, but MANY! I have a few favorites in my arsenal, but now that I have my hair extensions back in, I needed one that will keep my luscious locks happy (and clean). I’m all business when it comes to taking care of my tresses […]

Royal Blowout is a Game Changer!

Here’s a shocker, I’m bragging about another Oribe product. This one has a name that’s extremely fitting. The Royal Blowout ($68/5.9 oz) So, you want a super smooth blowout that’s speedy and repairs your hair at the same time? Well, this is for you. I spray it on my damp hair from mid shaft to ends […]

The Most Luxurious Facial Oil

Okay, whose skin is feeling the effects of the weather? Our skin is dry. Wait, it’s flaking. Wait, it’s oily. Oh mah gawd, I know. So, I’ve been using the secret little oil for a couple of months now and I’m just a little obsessed. I know some of you are afraid of putting an […]

Let’s Talk Eyebrows.

Many people say they first notice a person’s eyes when meeting them. Well, if your eyebrows aren’t doing your eyes justice, then you aren’t putting your best face forward. Just like a haircut, your eyebrows should be shaped to flatter your facial features. Getting that perfect arch can take years off your face and can […]

A Winter Survival Must-Have for Dry Skin!

I know, I know! My skin feels like it could start falling off too! Minnesota winters are HARD on our poor skin. I do have one tried and true product that I’ve been using for years and it’s pretty darn amazing. L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil (3.4 oz / $42) This dry oil is a staple […]

Cure Your Dry Lips with this Nipple Balm.

How many lip products does it take to cure the driest of lips? Well, it took several until I found the ONE. This bad boy of a balm comes with me everywhere. Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips You’re thinking it aren’t you? WTH?! I was too, until I actually tried it and found it […]



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